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The Chic Collective Group is a Houston-based business that provides quality professional management services for non-profit organizations and celebrities; along with specialized event management services for businesses.

We are committed to bringing non-profit organizations, businesses and celebrities together to endeavor and support their charitable causes.  We provide management solutions for businesses and organizations that promote various causes, raise funds for non-profit organizations and achieve our client’s charitable goals.


We are excited and enthusiastic about the work we do with non-profits, businesses and celebrities for charitable causes.  We are even more grateful and thankful to play a role in assisting non-profit organizations and celebrities to create experiences, fulfill identified needs and produce opportunities to grow their businesses and/or non-profits. Even greater than to bring joy to those who are impacted by their charitable efforts and causes.  As we know, non-profit organizations and businesses often fill in the gaps and advocate for under served and underrepresented communities and we are elated to be apart of those impactful moments.

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